ROI measurement

Prove your true ROI – now more than ever

Driving profit is the name of the game these days. Now you can optimize towards profitability with confidence by measuring your actual bottom line with a unified view of campaign cost and attributed revenue.

Gain confidence into where (and how) you’re allocating your budget

ROI measurement: Rely on data you can trust

Rely on data you can trust

Matching cost, revenue, and attribution in an increasingly fragmented and complex data reality is harder and more time-consuming than ever. We solve this for you by consolidating cost data from all ad networks and connecting it to all revenue streams. The end result: a complete, accurate and actionable view of your true ROI.

ROI measurement: Rise above the noise

Rise above the noise to gain insights you can act on

Analyzing a vast amount of data to gain deep insights can be overwhelming. Our ROI measurement suite provides consolidated net ROAS data, real-time insights, and measurement of subscriber journeys in both raw and aggregated reports so you can make informed decisions, fast.

ROI measurement: Measure all your revenue in one place

Measure all your revenue in one place

Whether you’re generating revenue with in-app ads, in-app purchases, subscriptions, or even a hybrid business model, we support you with the freshest data and the most efficient view of your revenue.

Don’t just take our word for it

Tata CLiQ AppsFlyer Customer OG
Increase in conversions
Increase in ARPU
“AppsFlyer has always been a high-impact tool that has enabled our exponential growth. AppsFlyer’s Xpend feature has been instrumental in our success – the cost aggregation feature along with attribution drives tremendous business value. The option to measure all cost-related KPIs, such as CPI and ROI in one place saves us a lot of time and helps us focus on scaling our growth.”
Playa Games customer success story - OG
ROAS growth in 12 months
“Xpend was really simple to set up and straight away we had the ability to see a consolidated view of the ROAS for all our advertising networks. And, having the ability to measure in-game purchases and ad revenues in real-time at ad-level has made a big difference. Now we also know exactly what type of ad creative attracts players who prefer consuming ads in the game.”
Vgames - customer success stories OG
Increase in revenue growth
Experiencing the service and enthusiastic support of the AppsFlyer team allowed us to understand the true value of marketing. The detailed measurement of the AppsFlyer system proved key to our revenue growth, and provided us with a macro vision that would allow us to realize our aim to bring the Vietnamese gaming industry to the world market.

Key features

Trusted ROAS data means better marketing decisions on your quest for ROI positive campaigns. Explore how your ad spend and revenue are measured.

Cost ETL - Cost Aggregation Icon


Gain access to all cost and revenue data streamlined into an ETL process scheduled at your preference four times a day.


Get a true view of your revenue from in-app purchases and subscriptions after deducting taxes and commissions

In-app purchase measurement

Enjoy clean, deduplicated, and receipt-validated IAP revenue data. Avoid fraudulent or incomplete transactions (subscription included)

Subscription measurement

Connect the dots and understand your subscribers’ journeys at every stage of their lifecycle

Ad revenue measurement

Ensure your ad revenue data is accurate and complete from day 0, perfectly combining connections: SDK for data freshness and S2S for accurate data refinements.

Cost aggregation

Get a complete view of your ad spend from up to 90 sources. Instead of struggling with fragmented cost data, utilize holistic insights to understand and optimize your budget

Comprehensive return on ad spend data for smarter decisions

ROI360 provides you with 100% full coverage of your marketing spend and revenue

앱스플라이어의 비용 집약:: 포괄적인 광고 비용 데이터
ROI 측정: 보다 현명한 결정을 위한 포괄적인 광고 지출 대비 수익 데이터
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What level of granularity is available?

ROI360 integrates data from multiple sources at the most granular level be it impression-level ad revenue, site ID, etc.

How can I export my cost data?

ROI ETLs is the best way to export your cost data. It provides a complete data export into an S3 bucket that includes all of your cost and revenue data at every level of granularity

Do you work with all major partners?

Yes, we work with over 100 local and global partners to keep your ROAS data complete.

Smarter marketing decisions start with better data