Reclaim campaign visibility while preserving privacy

Our Data Clean Room solution helps you regain visibility into all of your marketing campaigns by creating a secure environment where you can enrich your own first party data.

Powerful insights that let you optimize your campaigns and preserve customer privacy


Resolve data blindness to measure effectively

Privacy regulations have created data blindspots, making it increasingly difficult to take data-driven action. By safely joining your first party data with your conversion data in the Data Clean Room, you can regain visibility while maintaining customer privacy.


Get a holistic, multi-channel view of your networks

You can’t properly allocate your budgets if your reports are full of blindspots. Our Data Clean Room solution helps you get all of your data in one place, just like you’re used to. You can customize your aggregate reports with the fields and metrics you need to get a unified view of all of your channels.

Align with any privacy restrictions without worry or effort

Why spend time worrying about privacy regulations when you can leave it to us? We ensure that our Data Clean Room solution aligns with every privacy standard  (GDPR, CCPA, and others) as well as any specific requirements you may have. You are in full control of what happens with your data, from beginning to end.

Save BI resources and increase efficiency

Your team spends precious time and efforts maintaining the ETL for your BI system and building different reports. The DCR provides an existing, robust and self-serve interface that automates your report configuration with minimal time and effort from you and your team.

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“As a fast-growing company with 100M+ players worldwide, we must adjust quickly to the ever-shifting marketing landscape. The Data Clean Room enables us to tackle the recent privacy changes, allowing us to measure all of our campaign performance while preserving our users’ privacy.”
“AppsFlyer came with the right solution at the right time. Their Data Clean Room is a crucial tool for our Marketing teams, enabling us to optimize ad spend and retake campaign-level decisions without disclosing user-level data, in light of the recent privacy restrictions.”
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“The world has changed, we must adapt in order to succeed. The last 2 years were complex for mobile marketing in the gaming industry. The AppsFlyer Data Clean Room helps us to get more information about our user acquisition traffic and to estimate our campaigns more effectively, while navigating the complexity with ease.”
“The Data Clean Room is the switch, allowing us to shed light and reclaim our ability to measure 100% of our campaign performance. This is crucial for our business since it allows us to keep on creating amazing user experiences while preserving their privacy.”

Key features

Regaining data visibility means you can once again make marketing decisions with confidence. Discover how our Data Clean Room solution can help you maximize your campaigns while keeping your customer data safe.

Custom business logic

Custom business logic

Run your own queries on the data within the Data Clean Room to receive tailored information.

Customizable reports

Customizable reports

Define your report configuration according to your specific needs, and get accurate, holistic insight into your performance.

Privacy thresholds

Privacy thresholds

Protect user privacy with a re-grouping solution that sets a threshold to prevent attribution of data to a specific user.

Self-owned buckets

Self-owned buckets

Control your data within your self-owned buckets, where you can decide what data to upload, when to join it, and who has access.

Easy configuration

Easy configuration

Simplify your work with a user-friendly report creation tool that includes robust computation, troubleshooting, and status visibility.

Agile development

Agile development

Stay ahead of the curve with continuous development that brings you the latest Data Clean Room features as soon as they become available.

Unmatched privacy-preserving insights for optimal decisions

Our Data Clean Room restores coverage of your marketing campaigns across every channel.

Frequently asked questions

Is AppsFlyer Data Clean Room right for me?

That depends on several different factors, but we’ve found that the Data Clean Room is the best fit for app developers with campaigns both on iOS and Android and an in-house BI infrastructure. You will also need to have an active cloud bucket setup (AWS/GCS) and be able to automate data uploads and reports.

What privacy controls can be implemented in the Data Clean Room?

As part of our commitment to providing you with full transparency and control over your data, you can apply any privacy control within the Data Clean Room. AppsFlyer is compliant with all relevant privacy regulations such as GDPR, CCPA and COPPA, and our extensive compliance program includes certifications like SOC 2, TRUSTe, ePrivacy, CSA STAR and ISO.

How many reports can I run on the Data Clean Room?

You can run 24 reports per day, with no row limit.

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