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iOS: Driving growth in an ever-changing privacy landscape

iOS 14+ may have felt like the end of mobile marketing as we know it, forcing the industry to rethink what we thought we knew about data. This shift has also driven nonstop innovation and created a whole world of opportunity for unrelenting iOS marketers.

Thrive in the post-iOS 14 world with the right solutions on your side

iOS 14+ solution by AppsFlyer - ATT privacy

Move from complication to clarity

Apple’s introduction of AppTrackingTransparency (ATT) made the digital marketing landscape more complicated. There are more data streams, increased duplication, and partial data. But, with the right technology on your side you can still achieve all of your marketing goals. Our iOS 14+ solutions take the complexity out of SKAdNetwork, while seamlessly aligning with Apple’s privacy guidelines.

iOS 14+ solution by AppsFlyer - SKAdNetwork

Go beyond the limitations of SKAdNetwork

Discover how to harness the power of SKAdNetwork with our all-in-one solution. Our ever-evolving innovation helps brands make the complex aspects of SKAN attribution simple and accessible. From optimizing your strategy and fine-tuning conversion values, to predicting future campaign success, our solution gives you everything you need.

iOS 14+ solution by AppsFlyer - Measurement control

Take back control of SKAN post-install measurement

One of the most challenging aspects of SKAdNetwork is translating long-term performance measurement needs into complex conversion value maps. Our hyper-flexible conversion value mapping solution lets you focus on what you want to measure (retention, cohort, revenue, funnel progress and more) while leaving the technical aspects to us. You choose the performance metrics, we’ll help allocate the conversion values in the optimal way.

iOS 14+ solution by AppsFlyer - Clear campaign performance

Deduplicate your data streams to get a single source of truth

The introduction of SKAdNetwork decentralized data streams for iOS marketers, and its private-by-design mechanism means that incoming data cannot be deduplicated easily. We have developed a new way of attributing users that guarantees each user is only attributed once, helping marketers get a clear picture of campaign performance without compromising on user privacy.

iOS 14+ solution by AppsFlyer - Predictive analytics

Make good choices faster with predictive analytics

Start optimizing your campaigns from day one with predictive analytics. Using advanced machine learning, predictive analytics lets you turn early user engagement activity into actionable insights.
Cut poor performing campaigns or boost good ones early on, to reduce waste and get the most from your budget.

Don’t just take our word for it

Twitter - AppsFlyer customer
“We’ve been working closely with AppsFlyer to deliver a fully operational plug-and-play SKAdNetwork solution in record time. The solution was designed together to validate all advertisers’ needs from SKAdNetwork are met: data trust, granularity, optimization, and measurement. This is another exciting step for advertisers, delivering upon our promise of helping drive business success while maximizing end-user privacy.”
“With Conversion Studio, we are able to make changes to our conversion value schema in just a few clicks – without dealing with all of the technicalities. It makes testing different schemas much easier.”
“The biggest difference for us is that we have data we can trust. We finally have the go-to dashboard for making decisions in terms of how we allocate our budget. We know which partner to scale and which partners to pull back from.”
“With Predict we’re getting tangible, real-life metrics from the dashboard, KPIs we know and are used to working with. You suddenly don’t feel SKAN’s limitations; some constraints like time limitations are still there, of course, but through Predict we were able to get closer to running our campaigns just like we used to.”

Key features

Our 360° approach to iOS 14+ provides the industry’s most advanced and comprehensive measurement solution for analyzing, optimizing, protecting, and even predicting iOS 14+ campaign performance.

Advanced Privacy

Comply with all iOS 14+ privacy regulations while getting accurate and actionable insights

ATT analytics

Analyze your app’s ATT opt-in rates and how they perform against industry benchmarks

SKAdNetwork analytics

Get visibility into SKAN performance KPIs, including CVR, ROI, CPI, ARPU, ROAS, eCPA

Conversion Studio

Maximize conversion values’ potential with a flexible conversion value mapping tool

Smart LTV modeling

Smart LTV modeling

Model missing pieces like masked conversion values and future LTV based on your own data.

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