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Fuel growth and maximize your budget

Get unmatched visibility into campaign performance, scale app installs, and maximize customer LTV with a new standard of privacy-enhancing measurement and deep linking solutions.
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Achieve industry-leading ROAS and LTV with tools that drive impact


Optimize your growth strategy with full-funnel measurement

Make faster, more informed decisions on how and where to spend your budget with a complete, real-time view of campaign performance. Uncover your ROI and get unmatched insights into user LTV, with measurement across every device and channel.


Drive user acquisition and remarketing across any platform or device

Reach users with the right message, at the right time, and create personalized, seamless, and measurable journeys. Whether they’re watching TV, on their phone, or in a store, deep links take users right where they need to go in your app.


Protect your budget from ad fraud and explore new sources with confidence

Stay ahead of every threat — before, during, and after install — and make sure you’re paying for real customers (not bots) with industry-leading fraud detection and protection against ever-evolving risks.


Easily discover and integrate partners into your tech stack

Get customized partner suggestions based on your industry and KPIs, leverage exclusive market data and insights, and seamlessly set up integrations with over 10,000 partners in just one click.


Connect all of your data securely and with ease

Create advanced segmentation, add your own fractional attribution logic, and resolve discrepancies between platforms. Our robust APIs and raw data solutions sync your data to any destination, in real time.

Don’t just take our word for it

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“AppsFlyer’s attribution platform is an everyday, every-hour tool for our team. Without it, the business does not happen.”
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“AppsFlyer is integrated so seamlessly with our key tech stack partners that it makes data management and cross-channel measurement much more scalable.”
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“AppsFlyer attribution data gave us insight into both our acquisition and remarketing efforts so we could optimize in order to realize a substantial increase in engagement and revenue.”

The top-rated partner in measurement

Tens of thousands of apps big and small choose AppsFlyer as their source of truth for insights into what’s working (and what’s not), to spend their budget smarter, to give users exceptional experiences, and to preserve customer privacy.

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