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Move faster from questions to insights, identify opportunities for meaningful growth, and prove revenue impact with unmatched measurement, real-time analytics, and customizable reporting and integrations.
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Get detailed, privacy-first performance insights, backed by the most flexible solution on the market


Deliver accurate, actionable insights into full-funnel performance

Get a clear, complete view of what’s working and what’s not at every stage of the user journey. With full-funnel measurement and advanced fraud prevention technology, your team can quickly and confidently optimize performance and drive growth.


Move faster from questions and hypotheses to insights

Give your team the right data, faster, so they can take action to maximize budget, optimize ad spend, and improve business outcomes. Analysis is a breeze with metrics from LTV to ROAS all in one place, while real-time analytics, advanced segmentation, and predictive analytics power faster, smarter decisions.


Empower better business decisions with marketing data

Seamlessly integrate business logic into your data for unparalleled flexibility and insights, with custom SQL queries on raw and enriched data reporting in your BI of choice. With all the facts at your fingertips, you can wave goodbye to guesstimates.


Set your team up for success and create a culture of transparency

Create customized reports that provide insights into key performance indicators, allowing stakeholders across your organization to track progress and make more informed decisions.


Connect all of your data securely and with ease

Easily export and ingest raw data reports directly into your BI, product analytics, or cloud storage solution in real time. Use a variety of APIs and raw data solutions that sync your data to any destination.

Don’t just take our word for it

badoo success story - OG
“It’s important to bring attribution data into our BI tool at the most granular level because AppsFlyer data must be merged with internal data to meet our reporting needs.”
chimpworks success story - OG
“We pulled the data from AppsFlyer and trained a model to pick up the objects in our ads. We can compare which has the highest retention level to stop wasting time producing creatives for useless A/B tests that we know won’t work.”
Future Play AppsFlyer Customer OG
“AppsFlyer’s ad revenue attribution was the final piece needed in our revenue puzzle, informing and substantially improving our user acquisition efforts.”

The top-rated partner in measurement

Tens of thousands of apps big and small choose AppsFlyer as their source of truth for insights into what’s working (and what’s not), to spend their budget smarter, to give users exceptional experiences, and to preserve customer privacy.

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