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Easily install, integrate, and verify AppsFlyer’s safe, secure SDK to help your team measure performance, optimize budget, power deep linking, and drive revenue.
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Easily activate an SDK that’ll generate immediate value

Integrate AppsFlyer’s SDK directly into your app, or via a plugin of your choice, with ease.


Thorough, step-by-step documentation

Find comprehensive guides and documentation on our developer hub or on Github to help you work with AppsFlyer as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Enable effortless data sync and flow with a variety of APIs

Help your team easily export and ingest raw data reports directly into a BI, product analytics, or cloud storage solution in real time, with our raw data solutions and APIs.


Promote your apps with deep links

Implement free, measurable deep links for any use case on iOS or Android to drive installs from any source or channel to your app.

Don’t just take our word for it

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“AppsFlyer’s attribution platform is an everyday, every-hour tool for our team. Without it, the business does not happen.”
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“AppsFlyer is integrated so seamlessly with our key tech stack partners that it makes data management and cross-channel measurement much more scalable.”
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“AppsFlyer attribution data gave us insight into both our acquisition and remarketing efforts so we could optimize in order to realize a substantial increase in engagement and revenue.”

The top-rated partner in measurement

Tens of thousands of apps big and small choose AppsFlyer as their source of truth for insights into what’s working (and what’s not), to spend their budget smarter, to give users exceptional experiences, and to preserve customer privacy.

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