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Discover how to get actionable insights and optimize performance with a SKAN solution that provides accurate, granular measurement while keeping you compliant and your customers’ data private

ABI Games studio boosted ROAS and cut eCPI by 40%
ABI Studio needed a partner that could provide an iOS solution to overcome data discrepancies and delays. Partnering with AppsFlyer gave ABI the ability to get timely and accurate campaign measurement from all sources.
Step Mobile achieved 50% more visibility into SKAN conversions
After the roll-out of SKAN, Step couldn’t reconcile attribution and cost aggregation AppsFlyer’s iOS solutions solved this, providing the team a full picture of their performance and freed up significant time for optimization.
Gismart boosted performance modeling by 20% with AppsFlyer
Post-SKAN, Gismart was stuck piecing together their attribution data. After implementing AppsFlyer’s iOS solution, they once again had full-funnel performance which helped them dramatically increase in UA performance.
Halfbrick Studios doubled conversions while putting privacy first
Halfbrick Studios needed an MMP to maintain privacy while still delivering on insights. With AppsFlyer, they had visibility into their most profitable campaigns on both a ROAS and ROI perspective which lead to a huge increase in conversions.

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