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Social point cut CPI by 34% while increasing their conversion rate by 4X
Social Point needed to scale but at the right price. Using AppsFlyer’s attribution and marketing analytics solutions, the team 4X’ed their conversion and saw a 34% decrease in CPI.
RecargaPay 2X’ed installs with a full, cross-channel view of performance
RecargaPay team was looking for new, high-quality sources of traffic to fuel their growth. Using AppsFlyer, they were able to not only get an accurate view of quality, but also insight into performance which translated into 2X installs.
Linxo acquired 1M users in just 7 months and boost loyal users by 3.5X
Linxo needed to acquire new, high-quality users in an emerging, competitive market. Working with an agency and leveraging AppsFlyer, they were able to attract the right users and build trusted relationships which translated into loyalty.
Fintech startup Fondeadora slashed acquisition costs by 70%
Fondeadora needed to kickstart app growth, while ensuring smart decision-making. By integrating AppsFlyer the team managed to lower acquisition costs by over 70% and constantly optimize the product’s activation phase.

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