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Queenly reduced CPI by 40% after eliminating performance blindspots
Queenly didn’t have visibility into performance because they relied on siloed data from each partner they were running campaigns with. After integrating with AppsFlyer, they eliminated performance blindspots and reduced CPI by 40%.
Wolt drove incremental growth at scale across 23 markets
Wolt was manually testing across 23 markets. Leveraging AppsFlyer’s incrementality solution they were able to ramp up to 15 tests per month in these markets resulting in more insights and smarter budget allocation.
LaRedoute increased app installs by 130% and boosted DAU by 2.6X
La Redoute needed to increase app installs, engagement and purchases. With Appsflyer they were able to easily monitor cross-channel, full-funnel performance which resulted in a decrease in CPI and increase in both retention and conversion.
Social point cut CPI by 34% while increasing their conversion rate by 4X
Social Point needed to scale but at the right price. Using AppsFlyer’s attribution and marketing analytics solutions, the team 4X’ed their conversion and saw a 34% decrease in CPI.

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