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We give you the accurate cross-platform and device measurement you need to unlock the full potential of the skyrocketing CTV market.
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Boost CTV-driven mobile app growth and engagement

Everyone, including your existing and potential customers, watches CTV. That’s what makes it perfect for mobile user acquisition. We give you the tools to create measurable campaigns and personalized, contextual customer journeys that increase conversions.

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Take your CTV and OTT growth goals to prime time

Harnessing the massive opportunity around CTV requires a robust measurement engine that delivers trusted data. Our CTV measurement platform helps streaming services grow their key KPIs – including installs, signups, revenue, and in-app events – with the industry’s most trusted measurement data.


Turn your data into insights and actions

To reach your marketing KPIs, the data you rely on must be accurate and easy to understand. Our analytics suite helps you delight, acquire, and retain customers, through a complete set of tools including a unified CTV campaign dashboard as well as cohort and raw data reports.

Don’t just take our word for it

Reduction in CPI across Android and iOS
Increase in budget allocation efficiency
“It’s all about data at the end of the day. There’s no other tool that aggregates and measures the data the way AppsFlyer does. Consolidating, comparing and being creative with the data helped our marketing teams come together to learn and rethink our marketing strategy across all channels and devices.”
“Measuring the impact of our efforts is extremely important to us at Mistplay, especially when we look at metrics like ROAS and CPI. We recently tested a CTV campaign and were pleasantly surprised by the value we gained from testing this new media source and understanding how this campaign’s performance compares to those on other channels. We look forward to testing and optimizing CTV-to-mobile campaigns based on AppsFlyer’s measurement capabilities.”
Increase in install efficiency
Decrease in campaign costs
“AppsFlyer is a trusted partner to work with and comes highly recommended by industry peers. It is a user-friendly platform, and the easy raw data access is what made AppsFlyer really appealing to us as an MMP platform. AppsFlyer is a far more robust platform, which along with the quick and well-informed responses from the customer success manager made it an easy decision for us to migrate.”
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“AppsFlyer has been a great enabler for measurement and analysis of our digital campaigns. It has powered critical insights on channel and publisher performance which have helped us deliver outstanding business results on app adoption and retention.”

CTV attribution and measurement

No matter what you’re measuring, we’ve got you covered.


Understand the impact of CTV ads on mobile conversions.


Measure and optimize performance of CTV apps.

CTV and QR codes

Convert CTV ad viewers into app users with QR codes.

Advanced analytics

View performance of CTV and other campaigns in one place.

The marketing platform that keeps your customers from changing the channel

Get everything you need to understand cross-channel customer journeys, optimize in-app events, keep your customers engaged, and grow your audience, all in one platform.

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