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From humble beginnings in Helsinki, Finland, in 2014, Wolt has risen to become a giant among European technology companies. Known for its food delivery platform, Wolt quickly gained popularity and achieved a strong presence across Central and Eastern Europe.

Wolt built its success on strategic collaborations with local merchant and courier partners, and has expanded its delivery services to groceries and other goods, contributing to a constantly evolving product range that offers value and quality to over 15 million registered customers around the world.

Spanning over 23 markets and more than 225 cities, including countries outside of Europe such as Japan, Israel and Kazakhstan, Wolt proved that it was possible to run a successful delivery business at a hyper-local level.


As COVID restrictions across Europe brought many restaurants and businesses to shift to deliveries, Wolt’s activity skyrocketed and millions of new hungry customers joined the service. 

The highly-competitive environment of food delivery apps combined with the growing user demand required Wolt to quickly adapt to ensure they were meeting the needs of their customers. 

Continuous user engagement is an integral part of Wolt’s marketing activities, for this very reason, Wolt’s marketing team decided to put more focus on understanding their existing customer base, what really drives them to action, and what other services they can offer within the app to increase their engagement. 

“We realized that we don’t have enough data in order to properly quantify our marketing efforts and understand how effective they are in engaging our customers. This is when we started focusing more on incrementality measurement.”

Veera Ala-Kaila, User Acquisition Lead @ Wolt

The marketing team at Wolt began manually setting up incrementality tests across various markets and campaigns, but their efforts were hindered by a process that was not efficient and required a lot of time and resources to complete.  Wolt needed a more efficient and accurate solution to support their efforts in scaling their activity.

“Before we started using AppsFlyer’s Incrementality solution we were doing everything manually: uploading a list with the control group taken out, running the campaign, stopping the campaign, and then analyzing the results. Doing this over 23 different markets was very time consuming and didn’t provide us with the consistent and reliable results we needed.”


Wolt turned to AppsFlyer Incrementality, an end-to-end solution for incrementality measurement, where they were able to easily create and analyze their incrementality tests from a single dashboard. 

This helped them to reduce the time and effort invested in setup and analysis of incrementality tests in half, and instead invest more time in defining and achieving their main business goals:

  1. Reengaging first-time-users who didn’t complete a purchase or haven’t registered yet
  2. Reactivating lapsed users who haven’t used the app in a long time
  3. And increasing order frequency for active users 

In a short period of time, Wolt were able to cover all 23 of their active markets and ramp up their lift tests to a total of 150, averaging at over 15 tests per month.


The ongoing measurement and ability to align critical KPIs across various teams, helped Wolt to set more accurate benchmarks for existing and future campaigns.

New insights derived from the tests were also extremely useful to other stakeholders, including Wolt’s regional marketing managers, who used this data to guide them with their decisions. 

“Measuring incrementality is super important for us and plays a key element in our decision making. We’re at the stage where we’re not willing to pay for an order before we’re certain it has an added value for us.”

Wolt began implementing changes to their existing campaigns across the board, eliminating underperforming campaigns and shifting more budgets towards campaigns and channels that have shown incremental value.

Wolt were able to prove the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns over time, contributing to a 10X growth in their overall remarketing spend across various markets.

“Incrementality is our marketing north-star and AppsFlyer’s solution was key in supporting our growth by enabling incrementality measurement in both existing and new areas of our business”

Veera Ala-Kaila, User Acquisition Lead @ Wolt
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