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By Karen Cohen
raw data at your fingertips - square
raw data at your fingertips - square

Data is only powerful when it tells a meaningful story.

Without the storytelling, the science to uncovering hidden patterns, unknown correlations and trends, data remains nothing but a bunch of numbers. In this digital age, where data becomes increasingly ubiquitous, companies recognize the value of crunching their own data to unlock their unique stories, stand out from the crowd and make decisions faster.

Data analytics are going beyond the reach of data scientists alone, and into the hands of just about every marketer.

Where to begin?

Your data may hold tremendous amounts of potential value, but not an ounce of it can be delivered without uninterrupted, consistent access to quality data in its purest form – raw data.

At AppsFlyer, we believe that every company has the right to use their data any way they want to. That’s why we offer various solutions to easily export and ingest raw data to get a look at what’s powering your dashboard.

Our raw data reports are ready to be fed into your own BI platforms and available for download, via API or via email, 24/7. Ideal for doing your own offline analysis, performance-based payments to ad networks, identifying potential fraud or even testing a hypothesis that just came to mind. It’s your data. Use it any way you want to.

Pull and Push APIs: Real-time raw data ingestion

AppsFlyer’s API solutions enable companies to sync AppsFlyer attribution and marketing analytics data with their internal BI systems in real-time. These APIs are called Push and Pull APIs. 

Push API

The Push API is ideal for large advertisers who rely on their own BI systems for timely reporting and rapid optimization.

This powerful API sends HTTP requests in real-time for every successful installation, in-app event or retargeting event, whether organic or not. As there are often different servers storing different types of data, AppsFlyer lets advertisers determine which data should be pushed to which endpoint. For example, advertisers can define a specific endpoint for organic data and another for non-organic data; one for in-app events and another for retargeting.

Configuring multiple endpoints provides advertisers with the ability to organize their data the way they want to while controlling inbound data more efficiently.

Pull API

For data teams that prefer to receive data in bulk, the Pull API provides the same depth of reporting without the need for real-time infrastructure.

This API provides on-demand access to AppsFlyer’s robust data pipeline by using specific URLs containing query parameters. The pulled reports – comma separated values (CSV) files – can either be in aggregated or raw data forms.

Data Locker

If you wish to avoid the hassle of setting up and maintaining real-time API syncs or face challenges with scalability and production, Data Locker is the tool for you.

Data Locker stores every single data point sent to AppsFlyer; including organic data, full attribution and engagement data, session data, click data and more.

This secured storage locker is hosted on Amazon S3 and is fully configured to feed your BI tools with massive amount of raw, user-level data. 

AppsFlyer's APIs connect directly with Tableau, Looker, Power BI and more
Ideal for Tableau, Looker, Power BI and other business intelligence softwares

With Data Locker, your data is securely backed up on the cloud, and accessible 24/7 for your own analysis and restoration purposes. 

Putting raw data reports to work

While the opportunities of raw data ingestion and analysis are endless, it can get overwhelming if you’re not sure what you’re looking for.

To help you navigate the mountains of data, here are just a few of the many ways you can utilize it to optimize your marketing performance:

  • Use raw data reports as a basis for performance-based billing
  • Use click and session data to apply your own fractional attribution logic
  • Leverage user-level (non-aggregated) click and session data for marketing and product funnel analyses
  • Create highly-targeted retargeting campaigns
  • Use geolocation and device-type data to create specific user segmentation
  • Identify potential fraud
  • Optimize and build better targeted messages

Raw data reports contain a treasure trove of information.

They can provide insights many marketers never even thought possible – making them one of the most popular components of the AppsFlyer platform.

Karen Cohen

Karen is AppsFlyer's director of Product Marketing. With over 10 years experience in "full stack marketing", Karen built and led global innovation programs and Product Marketing teams in numerous startups and enterprise companies like Hewlett Packard.

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