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Halfbrick Studios Pty Ltd is an Australian video game developer based in Brisbane, with remote staff in over 20 locations, and a portfolio of globally popular games — such as Fruit Ninja, Jetpack Joyride, and Dan the Man — generating over 2 billion downloads!


Halfbrick needed a measurement provider that could adhere to Apple’s privacy policies, while increasing the efficiency of its app marketing spend across the world’s largest gaming ad networks and affiliates. 

Games such as Dan the Man required attribution and ROAS aggregation across multiple media sources — including search, ASO, social, referrals and traditional mobile ad networks — in order to scale. 

Lastly, Halfbrick required a robust in-app measurement provider that can guide the team through the implementation of iOS14 and SKAdNetwork rollout.


To meet Halfbrick’s challenges head on, Appsflyer leveraged its dedicated real-time overview dashboard coupled with it’s market leading cost aggregation solution, Xpend. 

This enabled the Halfbrick team to understand their most profitable media sources, campaigns, ad sets and ad creatives from a ROAS and ROI perspective.

Appsflyer is the only mobile measurement partner with attribution and cost aggregation, showcasing attribution in its standard dashboard, as well as the market leading SKAdNetwork dashboard.

Halfbrick could discover the metrics that matter most in real time. 
Additionally, Xpend cost aggregation enabled the team to pinpoint the most profitable media sources and manage their ROAS more effectively.


As a result of implementing the leading privacy centric attribution solution in the app market, Halfbrick were able to: 

  • Increased Confidence in iOS attribution for user acquisition across Halfbricks leading gaming portfolio
  • Double their user acquisition growth by over 98% YoY 
  • Utilize a cost aggregation solution that saved valuable time and increased efficiency

Halfbrick has continued to leverage AppsFlyer beta product solutions to help maintain strong user growth, improved yield and reduced costs.

AppsFlyer continues to bring first-to-market privacy centric solutions to enable Halfbrick to scale with efficiency, and deliver on its vision is to make games that people remember for a lifetime.

“AppsFlyer’s attribution combined with Xpend’s cost aggregation gives us the peace of mind to scale with efficiency, while doubling our conversion growth and adhering to user privacy.”

Rinal Deo, Chief Financial Officer and Product Manager, Halfbrick”

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