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Social Point escala con insights basados en ROI|Social Point escala con insights basados en ROI||


Decrease in CPI


Higher LTV


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Based in Barcelona, Socialpoint is one of the world’s most successful social and mobile gaming companies. 

Both developer and publisher, their popular titles include Dragon City, Monster Legends, World Chef, and Dragon Land and are enjoyed by over players around the world.

After 12 years in business, the company boasts over 600M downloads and 2M unique daily users.


Social Point set out to attract quality gamers at scale (and at the right price).

With their main channels of focus including digital marketing, influencer marketing, and TV, any decision the marketing or product team makes is based on data.

The team also needed insight into the full user journey, especially in-app to answer questions about users such as “Did they level up” or “Do they spend money (how much, how quickly)?

Accurately attributing installs and understanding engagement from Facebook and Instagram campaigns required deep access to Facebook’s media performance data, something only a Facebook Mobile Measurement Partner could provide.


Social Point started working with AppsFlyer’s attribution suite (which included the ability to accurately attribute Facebook and Instagram) and marketing analytics solution

By matching their media cost insights with their user engagement and revenue data, the Socialpoint team would now be able to optimize their user acquisition efforts based on real, bottom-line ROI.

Maria Teixidor a Mobile Marketer at Socialpoint noted:

“AppsFlyer’s insights into Facebook and Instagram performance changed our expectations for the better.”


Overall, Socialpoint found that though Facebook and Instagram media often had higher eCPIs, their high install to purchase conversion rate offset these costs, delivering a comparable ROI. 

However, in some cases, such as the launch of their World Chef title, lower than expected Facebook and Instagram eCPIs led to stronger than expected ROI. 

Amparo Garcia, a Product Marketer at Socialpoint, explains that 

“AppsFlyer is not just our attribution provider, they help us understand our data. Since adding AppsFlyer our conversion rate has improved 4X and our CPI has decreased 34%”

These ROI-driven insights provided Social Point with the fuel they needed to scale their paid user acquisition efforts on Facebook and Instagram.

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