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Concrete Software is no stranger to evolution. After their first big hit Aces Texas Hold ’em in 2004 for Palm, they developed games for Nokia, Blackberry, and Windows.

Today they create wildly popular sports games, such as PBA Bowling Challenge, PGA TOUR Golf Shootout, and Rapala Fishing Daily Catch for iOS and Android.

Just as they saw opportunities for growth and optimization as they built their games, they saw that their previous attribution provider was not adding the value to their user acquisition and engagement they felt was possible.


Their previous MMP’s biggest deficiency was their lack of proper data visualization tools.

This meant that Concrete Software’s lean UA team needed to manually port all attribution data they received into their other analytics and Bl tools, a time consuming process. Perhaps even more glaring was their previous MMP’s inability to provide Concrete Software with monetization metrics.

Without a powerful dashboard that tied all of their data together into a comprehensive picture of campaign performance, they couldn’t readily act on the data to optimize their campaigns for key metrics such as their return on ad spend (ROAS) and their daily active users (DAU).

An additional serious shortcoming of their previous MMP was the absence of a deep linking solution.

Since Concrete Software ran a significant number of social and email campaigns this was a big miss for them.

To overcome this the team provided their social networks with custom links that led to their app install page, then looked for any change in DAU they could see within the published date range to guess what impact the campaigns may have had. They were blind to how well the social media channels were actually performing and what their impact was on their acquisition goals. The team was also unable to deep link their loyal gamers to specific levels and areas in their games.

Concrete Software saw that they needed a new MMP that could match the velocity at which they were executing and the growth they saw on the horizon.


AppsFlyer provided the out-of-the-box data visualization and reporting Concrete Software needed to really hit their stride.

With a holistic view of the incremental lift of each variable, they could now clearly see what drove the most installs, and most importantly, they could quantify exactly what those installs were worth.

With OneLink, AppsFlyer’s CX and deep linking solution, the team could redirect new users to the right app store, deep link existing users, and see exactly how their social and email campaigns were performing without any guess work. They could measure channel, campaign, and even creative metrics in the same dashboard as all of their other attribution data.


Concrete Software was fully up and running on AppsFlyer after only one week, cutting down the time they spent processing and visualizing data by 80%. Using the intuitive dashboard and reporting – including cohort reporting – the new data driven strategy led to a significant increase in their ROAS.

Eric Dawson, Advertising and Monetization Manager at Concrete Software noted this immense change:

“Going from having to process this data ourselves to having it readily available right in front of us was a game changer. By the second week I could use the data to make an impact and move the needle.”

OneLink revealed that the social campaigns the team thought were driving high value installs actually weren’t. This identification of under-performers was just as valuable as the identification of successes since they could stop spending time and money on channels that weren’t growing their business, fully confident that the data supported their decision.

Perhaps most importantly, Concrete Software felt that AppsFlyer actually cared about their success, quickly evolving into a valued partner, not just another vendor.

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