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Rappi is an innovative mobile-first, service-economy business, making home delivery a reality across Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina (coming soon).

Founded in 2015, Rappi quickly grew to over 1 million deliveries. Delivering everything from groceries to laundry and even cash from the bank, Rappi is one of the most promising startups in Latin America.


Rappi was making substantial investments in marketing and growth.

Without a dedicated attribution provider, the team struggled to measure their growth across multiple data sources using complex spreadsheets. This was a painfully slow and manual process that led to an unacceptable number of discrepancies.

The team needed a better way to measure and attribute their growth to specific marketing campaigns so they could better optimize and improve their bottom line performance quickly and efficiently.


Working closely with AppsFlyer, Rappi began measuring and attributing their mobile app growth, engagement, and revenues to specific marketing activities.

By further matching their media cost from popular networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google, with their in-app revenues, the Rappi team was able to automatically measure their mobile marketing ROI, and optimize accordingly. By then analyzing the engagement and purchase behavior of the user’s acquired, Rappi was able to better market to and develop for these users, enhancing their marketing and their business success.

Using AppsFlyer’s Custom Dashboards, the Rappi team built a dedicated dashboard for each team, so they could easily measure their growth and progress without needing to resort to manual analysis or offline spreadsheets.

“AppsFlyer’s unified dashboards, deep integrations, and customer service provided the Rappi team with the clarity and insights we needed to become the market leaders we are today.”

Mariana Botero, Head of Digital Advertising


By measuring and optimizing their mobile business with AppsFlyer, Rappi dramatically improved their marketing and business performance.

The numbers speak for themselves.

Their initial funnel stage (install to registration) saw a 50% improvement, and their second funnel stage (install to purchase) saw an even more dramatic, 2.8X improvement. And best of all, the team was able to say goodbye to their dreaded spreadsheets and data discrepancies.

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