AWS & AppsFlyer solution

Measurement data you can trust stored in the most trusted cloud

We’ve collaborated with AWS so that you can drive innovation, deliver amazing experiences, and significantly grow your mobile business, backed by the most secure infrastructure in the industry

Why AppsFlyer and AWS

Our collaboration with AWS translates into unparalleled scale and reliability while keeping you and your customers’ data private and compliant.

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AppsFlyer processes 100B events from more than 89K active mobile apps every day – a tremendous amount of data that needs to be stored and analyzed. With AWS at the core of our data infrastructure, we are able to deliver unmatched, real-time insights to help drive better business decisions.

AWS & AppsFlyer solution: Security & compliance

Security & Compliance

Data protection is key to everything we do and implemented without compromise. That’s why we are proud to collaborate with AWS, as they maintain similar security standards and provide highly-regulated, compliant data centers meeting the most stringent regional and international requirements.

AWS & AppsFlyer solution: Reliability


Uptime is the difference between success and failure for any data-driven business. Our collaboration with AWS enables us to bring you 99.9% uptime along with the fastest server response times in the industry, so that you can confidently work knowing you will always have access to your data.

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“AppsFlyer’s Data Locker on S3 enables us to unlock the rich potential of granular attribution and performance information at big data scale for all our apps in near real-time. Combining rock solid reliability with ease-of-use in a secure way, it builds the foundation of business critical data processing and allows to quickly turn this data into actionable insights.”

“Thanks to AppsFlyer’s Pull API, AWS DynamoDB and AWS Lambda function we’re able to have real-time attribution data of every event fired in our system and instantly analyze user behavior in our app in a fast, comprehensive and secure manner, keeping our business compliant.”

“Cloud environments like AWS and AppsFlyer offer full data protection, including encryption and end-to-end data back-up strategy. These are coupled with sophisticated user-access permissions and authorization to ensure that data is always available and highly secured.”

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