Scaling your business with Data Clean Rooms

Tina Moffett Principal Analyst, Forrester
Edik Mitelman General Manager, Privacy Cloud, AppsFlyer

Key highlights

  • The rise of Data Clean Rooms
  • Fire-side chat with Forrester
  • Q&A

What’s in this webinar?

Data Clean Rooms promise marketers a way to invest in powerful, measurable user experiences without compromising on end-user privacy. 

What’s great about Data Clean Rooms is that all parties agree on access, availability, and usage of data, while data governance is enforced by the trusted data clean room provider. The outcome? User level data can’t be shared between different companies without consent.

In this webinar, Tina Moffett from Forrester joins AppsFlyer’s General Manager of Privacy Cloud, Edik Mitelman, to dive into the current state of the mobile marketing ecosystem, and discuss the rise of Data Clean Rooms.

By the end, you’ll know how to take informed action on your marketing campaigns and increase ROI in a privacy-preserving way.

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