How eCommerce apps can move up in a downturn

Sue Azari eCommerce Industry Lead, AppsFlyer

Key highlights

  • Prioritizing profitability
  • The impact of privacy
  • Practical strategies to grow your eCommerce app

What’s in this webinar?

The world has changed a lot in the last 18 months.

The after-effects of Covid, war in Europe, and the most severe cost of living crisis for generations have created great economic uncertainty. People are feeling it, and that includes the community of eCommerce app marketers.

As tough as things unquestionably are right now, history has shown that during any recession there will be winners as well as losers. And that’s the same for eCommerce apps. We know there will be apps that grow despite the challenging market conditions. 

How can we be so sure? Well, we’ve already seen a number of eCommerce businesses post some impressive numbers. 

And yours could be one of them: with the right strategies in place, you can make sure your arrow is going up and not down. 

In this webinar, eCommerce Industry Lead, Sue Azari, shares some insights from other retail apps, along with practical strategies to give your app the best chance of growing during 2023.

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