Cracking the code of WWDC 2023

Roy Yanai AVP of Product, AppsFlyer
Adam Smart Director of Product Gaming, AppsFlyer
Yael Altshul Senior Product Manager, AppsFlyer
Piyush Mishra Head of Growth, Product Madness

Key highlights

  • Privacy manifests, required-reason APIs & Privacy-impacting SDKs
  • Tracking domains and new privacy-preserving initiatives
  • SKAN 5.0, and more!

What’s in this webinar?

If you’ve been staying up to date with the latest developments at WWDC 2023, you’re probably aware that there’s a wealth of news to digest.

WWDC is renowned for its major announcements, and this year’s event was no exception. With an abundance of information to take in, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. However in this webinar, our panel of experts simplify and clarify all the recent updates, giving you valuable insights to fully leverage Apple’s latest offerings.

Get ready to explore a range of topics including: privacy manifests, required-reason APIs, privacy-impacting SDKs, tracking domains, SDK signatures, new privacy-preserving initiatives, SKAN 5.0 and Vision Pro.

Watch recording here

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