Subscription app insights for attracting & retaining customers

Derrick Nguyen Senior Manager of Consumer Channels, Lookout
Geoff Hladik Head of Revenue & Growth, FlipaClip
Brendan Crosby Senior Product Specialist, AppsFlyer
Ewan Bell Associate Manager, Liftoff

Key highlights

What’s in this webinar?

With the cost-of-living crisis and recession fears putting the squeeze on budgets, would it surprise you to learn that subscription-based apps are booming?

Both iOS and Android have reported sharp rises in subscription spending in 2023, with consumers willing to invest in quality app content across a diverse range of sectors. They’re absorbing the cost of price hikes too, proving subscriptions are a winning strategy. 

In these belt-tightening times, marketers are seeing the true value of re-engagement and shifting resources from acquisition to long-term value. Are you ready to capitalize on the subscription surge?

Learn from Lookout, FlipaClip, AppsFlyer, and Liftoff experts about the latest trends and remarketing strategies to keep your users engaged and conversions and renewals high.

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