Introducing Privacy Sandbox: Learnings from iOS to Android

Roy Yanai AVP Product - Measurement, AppsFlyer

Key highlights

  • Analyzes the pillars needed for a sustainable privacy-forward solution 
  • Dives into the Privacy Sandbox solutions and what you can do now to prepare
  • Assess if the future on Android looks the same as what we experienced on iOS

What’s in this recording?

Measurement and marketing are changing – but not in a vacuum. We work in an ever-evolving ecosystem that is making great strides in the development of privacy-centric solutions. And the next wave of changes are about to hit Android, with the introduction of Privacy Sandbox.

Will the future of Android look the same as what we experienced on iOS?

To answer that question, we analyzed the 3 pillars needed for sustainable, privacy-preserving technology. We review what happened in the aftermath of iOS 14 and look forward to the main components of Privacy Sandbox on Android’s Attribution API, Topics, and Protected Audiences API. Finally, we outline the roadmap AppsFlyer is building out to prepare for Privacy Sandbox and give you actionable tips to begin planning today.

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