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REAL(Real Estate Asset Ledger)은 암호화폐로 부동산 투자.

싱가포르에 본사를 두고 있음.

ICO 개시일
코인 심볼
주요 경영진

Enrique Dubois, CEO & Co-Founder
Serial entrepreneur and Business Angel with over 15 years of experience. He has founded and raised online companies like Bingos.com -Online gaming site- (Sold to NetPlay Plc for 8 MM USD), Wamba.com -the european Myspace- (Raised 3MM€), and Mola.com -Small Seed VC in Spain- (Invested in +60 companies).

Bernardo Hernández, Co-Founder & Director
Serial entrepreneur, Internet Executive and Venture Capitalist. Currently a director in e-Ventures in Germany, he cofounded Idealista -the biggest Real Estate site in Spain- (sold to APAX for 273MM€), Tuenti.com -Spanish Facebook- (Sold to Telefonica for 75MM€), and was the senior marketing and product positions at Google and Yahoo.

Javier Llabrés, CTO
Experienced full stack software engineer with vast experience in Python, Java and Blockchain. He got a degree in UIB and is currently studying a postgraduate in UOC University. Before coding at REAL, Javier specialized himself in Blockchain system architecture. He is also actively involved in the development of Blockchain technologies. His research interest covers cryptocurrency trading, Cloud computing, BigData, Security in Trusted/Untrusted environment.