AppsFlyer solution for zero budget marketing
AppsFlyer for zero budget marketing

Drive growth without breaking the bank

We help you make the most of your owned media channels with the industry’s best measurement, analytics, and customer engagement and deep linking tools


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In-app purchases


User retention


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Maximize the full potential of your owned media

AppsFlyer solution for zero budget marketing: Increase conversions and customer engagement

Increase conversion and customer engagement without having to spend a dime

Your owned media is one of the most important sources of new customers. Our deep linking and engagement tools empower you to maximize your user acquisition by creating seamless customer journeys that easily drive traffic to your app.

AppsFlyer solution for zero budget marketing: Understand every custoemr journey

Understand every customer journey and focus on what works

To help your app grow, you need to understand which of your marketing efforts are generating the greatest effect. Our marketing analytics platform provides a complete and accurate view of your marketing activities so that you can understand what’s really moving the needle.

AppsFlyer solution for zero budget marketing: Attribute every install

Attribute every install to the right media source for better user acquisition

Understanding how customers engage with your brand across channels and devices is key to driving user acquisition and revenue. Our comprehensive attribution tools give you complete insight across web and app so you can optimize your marketing efforts.


“Not only does AppsFlyer’s deep linking allow us to test, measure, and understand what most effectively drives user conversions, it also enables us to optimize and personalize our owned media campaigns to support more positive user experiences and improve business outcomes.”

The best things in life are free

Get the tools you need to start creating exceptional customer experiences, increase acquisition, and drive conversions – free.

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Discover the source of your best customers with free attribution for your first 12,000 conversions

Marketing analytics

Understand exactly what’s working, and what’s not, with real time analytics

Deep links

Engage both current and potential customers with exceptional experiences across every channel

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Web-to-app banners

Turn your website into a conversion engine with seamless web-to-app journeys

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Referrals and user invites

Help your current customers become your best source of new ones

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QR codes

Make it easy for offline customers to become online app users

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Social media landing pages

Maximize the power of your social channels for user acquisition

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Email service provider integrations

Increase the effectiveness of your email marketing with links that work perfectly every time

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